All Numbers Language by René Mogensen
for solo cello with live electronic and video interactions 
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All Numbers Language is a multimedia-work where the interplay between visual impressions, symbolic images, music, sound and human performance is very strong. The score builds on the shoulders of the literature for solo cello, especially the suites by J.S. Bach, and Benjamin Britten.

Mogensen's music, while combining traditional instruments with electroacoustics and interactive computer technology,  reaches a very immediate artistic expression, that the general concert-going audience finds quite accessible.

The projected video is based on images by the artist Johan Lievens, that are processed in real-time, depending on analysis of the cello sound. The performance reaches for a poetic synthesis of all elements involved, centered on the expressiveness of the cellist's interpretation of the score.

The work was premiered by Nicolas Deletaille in September 2006, in Gent, Belgium, with René Mogensen assisting. The present DVD released by Contréclisse features this live premiere.  

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